color-coded climbing holds

Replacing holds is the most cost-effective way to renew the routes of your climbing wall and offer new challenges.

All the proposed 3D holds are compatible with surfaces with M10 inserts or dowel attachments (99% of existing surfaces).

We offer colour-coded holds by level for easy and fast identification of routes, from beginners to experienced climbers:

  • yellow for beginner routes – level 3 (inclined surface)
  • grey for beginner routes – level 4a (inclined or vertical surface)
  • red for beginner routes – level 4b (vertical surface)
  • pink for beginner routes – level 4c (vertical surface)
  • green for intermediate routes – level 5a (vertical surface)
  • orange for intermediate – level 5b (inclined surface)
  • blue for advanced routes – level 5c (inclined surface)
  • purple for advanced routes – level 6a (inclined surface)
  • black for expert routes – level 6b / 6c and 7a (inclined surface)

pyramide tips

Renew 10% of your holds once a year to keep your wall fresh.

The holds are easily washed with soapy water or with a pressure washer, preferably without detergent, in cold or hot water.

Do not hesitate to overlap your coloured holds – 2, even 3 overlapping tracks allow you to vary the climbs by using all the holds or eliminating certain ones (for example, “feet on the yellow holds and hands on the green holds”).