design recommendations

Width: as wide as possible, as the width determines the number of active users

Height: 3.00 m for a climbing wall without a belay point (bouldering wall) and 4.00 m minimum for a wall with belay a system at the top of the track (rope wall)

Configuration: vertical and / or very positive incline 

Number of 3D holds: 12 / m2 to 15 / m2.

Where to install: in the gym, the relaxation room, the motor activity room

Support: can be attached to any support: concrete, cinder block, glued laminated timber, metal frame or free standing.

Landing surface: 10 cm landing mat (NF P90/312) or cushioned flooring

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pyramide tips

Use removable landing mats with straps to prevent access to the wall outside normal periods of use.

Consider adjustable or inclined walls adapted to the physical needs of the users.