murs piscine


Width: 3 m minimum recommended

Height: 3 or 4 m max

Number of holds: 8 / m2

Configuration: slightly inclined

Support: specially designed, removable stainless steel frame attached to the ground ensuring waterproofing. Can be adapted to any pool edge configuration.

Landing area: You can delimit the area with floating lines.

Some references:

Shizukuishi (Japan), Brussels (Belgium), Casablanca: Club des Clubs (Morocco), Böblingen (Germany), Stuttgart (Germany), Chiba: Hasunuma Water Garden (Japan).

More than 500 installations in the USA


Exclusive highlights:

  • climbing play for swimming pools
  • installation at the edge of the pool, lower part submerged
  • climbing plates made of special material for pool environment
  • fully removable
  • easy installation, can be removed from the edge of the pool at any time for swimming competitions
  • the attachment points are designed to meet waterproofing requirements


Our services on request:

  • design assistance
  • free advice / quote without obligation
  • assistance in the drafting of specifications
  • engineering & technical information (support resistance, standards information, etc.)

Our field experts are at your disposal for any quote.

Pyramide tips

Provide a minimum of space around diving boards.

Create a landing zone below the AquaClimb.